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Cursed Marissa Meyer
  • Cursed Marissa Meyer

Cursed Marissa Meyer

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Cursed Marissa Meyer

Cursed Marissa Meyer

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"When it comes to reimagined fairy tales, the reigning queen of the genre is Marissa Meyer." —The New York Times
In Cursed, #1 New York Times bestselling author Marissa Meyer brings the haunting fairytale-inspired Gilded duology to a thrilling conclusion that will have fans—old and new—spinning.
Be still now, and I will tell you a tale.
Adalheid Castle is in chaos.
Following a shocking turn of events, Serilda finds herself ensnared in a deadly game of make-believe with the Erlking, who is determined to propel her deeper into the castle's lies. Meanwhile, Serilda is determined to work with Gild to help him solve the mystery of his forgotten name and past.
But soon it becomes clear that the Erlking doesn't only want to use Serilda to bring back his one true love. He also seeks vengeance against the seven gods who have long trapped the Dark Ones behind the veil. If the Erlking succeeds, it could change...

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